Even if for a structure like ours, which makes personal and human relationship with the Guest its strong point, it is not easy to welcome in this situation, the pandemic from COVID-19 imposes some rules that, for the safety of all , must necessarily be respected. The staff of the B&B San Pio has implemented everything necessary for our guest to enjoy a peaceful and quiet holiday. However, it is necessary to respect those COVID19 security protocols that are now known to all.

General Rules(DPCM 17.05.2020)

It is mandatory to wear the mask in all common areas.
Avoid gatherings in common areas.
Before accessing the common areas, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or disinfect them with alcohol-based gel.
It is mandatory to keep the distance of at least one meter from the staff and other guests in all common areas.
The Operator is authorized to detect body temperature and can prevent access in case of temperature> 37.5 ° C.
If you have a fever or symptoms related to COVID-19, warn the staff immediately and do not leave the room. If present before arrival, access to the structure is not allowed.
This structure guarantees cleaning and disinfection of rooms and common areas according to national guidelines.
Daily cleaning can only be carried out when the guest is not in the room.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Daily cleaning of rooms and common areas with sanitization of surfaces with sodium hypochlorite solutions or 70% alcohol. The change of bed linen and towels will be made every three days of stay and of course every guest change. The linen is sanitized at the time of washing by an industrial laundry. Careful ventilation of the rooms will be carried out during cleaning. Cleaning and sanitizing of air conditioner split on a periodic basis. While cleaning the rooms and common areas, you cannot stay in the B&B.

Staff and methods of cleaning and sanitizing

The staff is specifically trained in household cleaning and sanitization techniques. During cleaning, he wears gloves and a mask. The cloths used for cleaning the surfaces are disposable or sanitized to prevent possible contamination between the different rooms. For the correct performance of cleaning and sanitizing operations, it is not allowed to stay in the B&B during the duration of the operations. You will be informed in advance of the time frame dedicated to these operations, approximately between 10.30 and 12.30. Important: food, cosmetic or other products cannot be left in the chamber open or in any case not protected by sealed containers to avoid possible contamination from the products used in the cleaning and sanitization procedures. Food residues and organic products must be placed in appropriately sealed rubbish bins inside a sachet.


Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to take advantage of the breakfast room, unless the B&B is occupied by a single group of family members. At the moment we will also have to give up fresh unpackaged products such as homemade cakes, bread, cakes, fruit, etc .. Breakfast can be served on request in the room. We provide you with: capsule or pod coffee machine, water kettle, tea bags, infusions and sugar, croissants, crostine and packaged brioches, biscuits and rusks, in the mini water fridge, fruit juice, jam and jams , milk, yogurt (for long stays only). For hygiene problems do not leave open food purchased by you on the tables or outdoors, they could be polluted by the products used during cleaning.